Introducing Me

My name is Sergio García-Nieto Rodríguez and I was born in Valencia (Spain). In 1998, I started the bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering until 2001, at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). When I finished theses studies I moved to Germany to work at the Fluidmechanik und Prozessautomation Institut (Technische Universitët München) as researcher in automation techniques for High Pressure Process. After one year in Germany, I came back to Valencia and I continued my university studies at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where I received the B. Sc. in Control Automation Engineer in 2004, honored with valedictorian award.
In 2010, I finished my PhD. studies in Nonlinear Predictive Control at the Systems Engineering and Control Department in the Polytechnic University Valencia, where I work as Associate Professor. The results of my research are collected in “
PhD Thesis: Fuzzy Identification and Predictive Control using T-S state space models”.

Research Interest

  • Nonlinear Systems Identification and Control
  • Model Predictive Control
  • Embedded Real-Time Control Systems
  • Optimization and Multiobjective Techniques

Contact Information

Sergio García-Nieto Rodríguez
Dept. of Systems Engineering and Control  (DISA)
Technical University of Valencia (UPV)
Camí de Vera, 14 E - 46022 Spain

Phone: (+34) 963877007 Ext. 85794
Fax: (+34) 963879579

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